Monday, August 13, 2007

Washinton is like New England Weather

If you don't like what's happening, wait a while and it will change. Well, change it is and by the end of the month Rove is out and I don't know who will be in......As I have stated in previous writings, The President doesn't have very many left of his original team. The only ones left are the Vice and the Attorney General. when is their turn. I heard last night on Hannidy, that new information on the outting of Plume has come to light. As I understand it, E-Mails that were previously classified, which have been declassified as a result of Scooter Libby's trial or investigation that preceeded it, written by her husband and also some sent by her,prior to her husbands trip. Hannidy also had a politician on to speak to what he will be trying to do. Like get both she and her husband in front of Congress again, Seems like there were some untruths being uttered in the chamber. Oh well, I'll believe it when I see it. When are the Republicians going to start speaking up???


Paul Champagne said...

Republican arrogance can be blamed for them not fighting back. They feel that they are in the right and don't have to answer to Congress. The Dems are twisting it around to appear like they are hiding things.

Business as usual in DC

Tapline said...

Rebublican arrogance can only go so far. They better wake up and smell the coffee, If they don't drink coffee, than roses.......They are not fighters. I cannot say the same about the Dems. They fight for the enjoyment of fighting and wasteing taxpayer money on stupid infighting instead of doing the nations work. What do they get an hour??????? Nouf said,,I ramble...,stay well.....