Friday, December 7, 2007

Middle East questionable deplomacy??

Much has transpired since I last posted. (1) Remember back on Novemeber 16, I posted little publicized massive explosion in Parchin Iran, 30 Klicks from Tehran fires incompassing 8 buildings. Now that is where Nuclear material was being processed along with Missle manufacture and platforms, I think....Wapo had an article on the 16 Nov. and according to google Little green footballs also had a writeup. The source was I have not found anythiing else concerning this explosion,fire or personel injuries. (2)The conference in Annapolis which was a political disaster except for SA and Syria installing a Pro-Syrian General as president of Lebanon and (3) then most recently Washington has released a report saying we were wrong. Iran is not producing a nuclear weapon, they stopped in 2003.
Does any of this fit together at all???? Nothing seems to make any sense. Why are we appearing to strong arm our friends in Israel????Or is it more than appearance????? I have more question than answers and after reading blog after blog to get something of substance, I find nothing. The Vice Pres is much too vague...Bolton is as usual on target with his questions.. I understand, Fred Thompson is questioning the substance of the report also. France and Germany do not agree with the report as well as Israel..They want to continue with trying to push sanctions on Iran, That is France wants to whereas Germany is hesitant about it....I read somewhere,They, the germans, sent goods through the emerites anyway to bypasss the current sanctions on Iran..... Not much on the answers,but I'm sure they will be forthcoming.....???? Stay well.....

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